Window Ventvisors

Window Ventvisors Keep Rain Out, Let Air In

VENTVISOR Side Window Deflectors
VENTVISOR Side Window Deflectors

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Ventvisors, sometimes called window guards, fit along the top outside edge of your vehicle's windows. They allow you to keep your windows partially open while keeping rain and snow out. This function lets fresh air in and keeps moisture out while driving your pickup truck or SUV. Made of a high grade durable acrylic plastic, ventvisors are usually smoke tinted to provide shade from the sun. Installation is easy. Most ventvisors use a high quality 3M adhesive and for a simple stick on install. Some ventvisors, called in-channel ventvisors, install directly into the window molding without using tape.

After years of selling many different brands of bugshields and ventvisors, we have selected only those of the highest quality. Our manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on these accessories. Our breakage return rate is very, very rare as the materials used have evolved to the point of being virtually indestructible.

And as always; "If you can't find the accessory you want, contact us. If it's available we'll get it."